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Mozila Firefox Browser

If you want to access a website that uses a SSL certificate signed by Mango CA, you might get an SSL warning. We are sorry, but currently that's still 'normal' as mainstream browsers don't automatically include the BD Root Certificate yet.

This HowTo tells you how you can manually import the BD Root Certificate in you web browser such as- Mozila Firefox so that you don't get these warnings anymore.

Mozilla Firefox uses it's own Certificate Manager. So even if your Windows (and other Microsoft) applications already use a root certificate Firefox still might not.

Importing the BD Root Certificate

Go to the  BD Root Certificate website:

Save the "RootCABangladesh.crt" in your computer

In you Firefox "Option" menu > Advanced > select "View Certificate" button. Under "Authorities" Tab click "Import" and browse for the previously save "RootCABangladesh.crt" file, click "Open".

You have been asked to trust a new Certificate Authority (CA). Do you want to trust "CA Cert Signing  Authority" for the following purposes?
[ ] Trust this CA to identify web sites.
[ ] Trust this CA to identify email users.
[ ] Trust this CA to identify software developers. Select all the check boxes.

Press OK and that's it.

Your Certificate is available

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Last Updated
7th o March, 2013

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