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  1. questionGoogle Chrome on Linux
    In Linux, Google Chrome uses Mozilla's NSS for the certificates, then you need the certutil tool to manage it. In Debian/Ubuntu certutil comes from libnss3-tools $ sudo apt-get install libnss3-tools and to import the our root certs you simply need to run: $ wget -O cacert-root.crt "http://www.c ...

  2. questionAcrobat 7.0 to 10.0
    Question: I am getting the error Certifier's Identity is Unknown ? To make this simple the reason is because the BD root cert isn't in Adobe, as of Acrobat 7 only 2 CAs have their root cert in Acrobat, GeoTrust and Adobe, this is something you will have to guide your clients through if you wan ...

  3. questionMozila Firefox Browser
    If you want to access a website that uses a SSL certificate signed by Mango CA, you might get an SSL warning. We are sorry, but currently that's still 'normal' as mainstream browsers don't automatically include the BD Root Certificate yet. This HowTo tells you how you can manually import the BD ...

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